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The Cuisine
Dining at The Colonial House is a wonderful experience. Whether guests decide to dine on their private veranda, in the garden or by the pool; the service, presentation and food is always first class.

Resident Chef Samantha
Chef Samantha, our hand picked chef, has great culinary skills, vast experience and above all, a wonderful personality. He takes pride in his work and is very flexible. He aims to please and will discuss guests daily requirements, offering suggestions or guests can simply leave it to him to create a sumptuous meal. There are no limits as to what Samantha can create for you. At The Colonial House there is no emphasis on a certain type of cuisine, guests can savour tasty Western dishes or genuine Sri Lankan cuisine.

Breakfast gives guests the choice of sampling some Sri Lankan favourites - e.g. Kiri buth, string hoppers, roti, kiri hodi or you can have a hearty Western breakfast. Or why not start the day with a platter of fresh fruits, all of which are grown in the garden.

Lunch offers the choice of pastas, salads, sandwiches, snacks and light bites. Chef Samantha's special Colonial Club sandwich should not be missed! Guests who are out for the day will be provided with a packed lunch.

Afternoon Tea by the pool
Afternoon Tea is served in the garden, terrace or poolside. Guests can enjoy endless cups of aromatic teas and cake whilst relaxing in the sun drenched natural surroundings.

Dinner is a magical experience. During the warm evenings with a cool gentle breeze, share a special dinner on your own private veranda with your partner or family. On a moonlit night the staff are only too ready to prepare a barbecue by the pool or in the garden.

These are all part of the individual and personal service that the staff offer, a welcoming option for those tiring of hotel hospitality.

The warmth of the service and excellent food will make you want to return again ...
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