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Heritage & Facilities
The Colonial House was built more than 125 years ago by the British planters. It is a typically solid built bungalow with pillared verandas and high wooden ceilings.

The bungalow, which is now owned by a British family, has recently undergone major renovations to transform the bungalow back to it's original splendour, recapturing the old world colonial charm.
A typically solid built bungalow with pillared verandas and high wooden ceilings

Landscaped garden surrounds the bungalow
The bungalow is located on a private working rubber and tea plantation high up on the mountain top, in the village of Tebuwana which is 10 miles from Kalutara. Although the bungalow has it's own 50 acre estate, a 2 acre enclosed landscaped garden surrounds the bungalow. Here you will find an abundance of exotic flowers and many varieties of fruit trees including coconut, banana, mango, papaya, avocado and many more.

The bungalow has a central spacious sitting room which is comfortable and welcoming. Here, guests can relax with a pre dinner drink, browse through a book, have a game of chess or simply sit back enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of The Colonial House. Notable features of the accommodation are the large airy central corridor which has a polished original tile floor and the colonial style veranda which wraps around the bungalow. Traditional Planter chairs deck the front veranda giving a feel of times gone by. Guests have the choice of the 4 luxurious suites subject to availability.
Guests can relax with a pre-dinner drink in the sitting room

Panoramic views of the spectacular scenery
Large inviting swimming pool
A main attribute to the bungalow is the large inviting swimming pool which is located in the lower reaches of the gardens. It has been carved into the natural rock formation on the hillside and has magnificent panoramic views of the spectacular scenery. It has been said that "swimming here gives you the feeling of being in a natural lagoon within the Garden of Eden - an experience you will never forget."

For the more energetic guests, a game of tennis can be enjoyed within the beautiful fresh surroundings of the plantation. Or indeed, guests can participate in guided walks around the plantation where they may observe rubber tapping or tea plucking. The plantations divine mixture of habitats are home to a stunning range of wildlife from monkeys to rare birds and unusual flowers. Binoculars are on hand to enable guests to have a closer look.
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